maandag 16 november 2015

Did Someone Say Dungeons again?

It took me 6 hours on Saturday morning. I started at 7, and was done at 1. SIX hours to completely clean up Argent dawn. I went by all alts, cleaning up banks, sending of stuff to other alts. I also did one full run, if possible, through all the mines and gardens.

So much stuff was lying everywhere, and of course, I was not rushing stuff, but still, 6 hours. And for what?  well..this weeks patch of course.

Basically, with all the valor everywhere, I expect not much alt-ing next few weeks, must get the gear-upgrades.

zondag 8 november 2015


YES..  I am tempted to write this whole blog-post in Capitals, because I will have a scythe as artifact weapon, in honor of Pratchett's character Death...  but I will spare you that my dear readers. Still.. a SCYTHE!

Combine that with 'new' Moon-kin forms and I will continue being Balance in Legion. But wait..there seems to be more.

The bloody Lunar/Solar bar is going away. No more cursing at the PC because you somehow managed to hit the wrong spell (that is Wrath/Starfire) for your current Eclipse..or more likely..when the spell actually goes off.

It is a bit unclear what we get back, but it seems to be a resource system. Like Monks/Paladins I guess. Build up a buff, and unleash it. I approve of this. More control over what you do, then actually having the Eclipse-bar being in control.

And some news about spells from a long time ago. They mentioned Thorns, although that was considering levelling as restoration. And Innervate, for Balance only. So.. I will be the healers favorite  :p

There is also something about attuning to a different do it better..but that seems unclear..and hazy. And I will loose stampeding roar ( Cat/Bear only). But.. well..  this is planned..let's see what actually survives in 9 months.....  yeah..releasing content faster my....

..and on another note, Innovation has only 1 boss left on Heroic......

Innovation takes down Manny on Heroic

maandag 2 november 2015

Dragon lair

So...did I miss the memo? Since when does the dragon-shapeshift stick after unequipping the legendary staff?

A Dragon in her lair?

zaterdag 19 september 2015

zaterdag 5 september 2015

donderdag 16 juli 2015

The Token and it's strange quirks?

I have been there.

There was a time in my live, not so long ago actually, where I was doing everything to save money. My monthly standard expenses like gas, electra, mortage where that high, that they almost exceeded my income. That is not a healthy place to be.

I had to really cut back on a lot of things, just be more careful how much you spend on stuff. I can go into detail, but this is not a 'How is my life'-blog, this is a World of Warcraft blog. So what does the above as to do with WoW?

Gold Tokens

Some of my sources reported a strange thing. Players trying to not use their Gold. Every time something cost gold in game, they weigh their options. Is it really worth buying it? What do I need it for? Just like in real life.

And most gold-spending is avoidable. Repair-bills? Join a raiding guild. Flightpath Costs? Just ride your mount. A new coin for gear, enough other options, even with the current need for Garrison Resources, they would opt for that , rather than paying 500 gold.

And for what?

To make sure they have enough gold to buy a token. That can be every month, although you do need a lot of time to make 50k/month I guess. Or to have enough gold, to get them through a rough spot in Real Life, and still be able to play World of Warcraft.

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Taking to the skies



Achievements to get flying

On all your lvl90+ characters in Draenor

I seem to not have a lot of them.

Only 35 Treasures I have?

And I need to secure Draenor

And a little exploration.

I approve of this

Although I have to do several jumping games..

If I want to play jumping games, I buy a jumping game :(

Oh, and some revered factions later on

And than,

To the sky, my alt-army